Here are some wallpapers I think are quite good-looking on the phone. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge, the images open into a new window.

Downloadable videos

Here are some freely downloadable videos viewable on the Nokia 9210 phone. The left table cell is for the Video application, with the extension .nim, and the right one is for the Real Player, with the extension .rm.

Elephants Dream - 10 min 54 s

This movie is a surrealistic and a hard-to-understand one. It's about two people adventuring in a world ruled by machines. The older and experienced man, Proog, shows the naive and nervous Emo how the world functions, and tries his best to convince Emo about the beauty and accuracy of it.

NIM - 5416 KB

RM - 6442 KB

Big Buck Bunny - 9 min 56 s

This colorful, more cheerful clip is a short animation about Big Buck Bunny who gets fed up with three bullying rodents when they kill Bunny's two favorite butterflies and attack Bunny himself. The big boy then begins to revenge the rodents in a complex way.

NIM - 4929 KB

RM - 5942 KB

Videos of Nokia 92xx

Here you can find some videos about Nokia 92xx.

MolM for S80

SunClock for S80

PeriodicTable for S80

Graph for S80

Doom 9210

CDoom 9210

CDoom 9210 (duplicated x pixels)