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I've had a few cars in my life. They're quite essential to have if you live outside the biggest cities because public transport in Finland is very bad in rural areas. I've collected a list of all my cars, most recently owned on top.

Volkswagen Golf 1.9TDi CL 1995

Bought for: 600 € in 2013 from Lieto, Finland
Sold for: -

This is a real workhorse. It's not a beauty but it's in very good shape under the hood. The mileage is just a bit under 500 000 kms (July 2015) but it runs like new. It took me to Norway's North Cape from Turku and back with no hesitation - that's 4100 kms. I slept in the back; the seats are tipped over because it's registered as a van. Diesel consumption is 5.9 / 100 km. When I bought it, it was blue, but then a woman crashed with me and I had to replace some body parts which made it a four-color model (five if you count rust!). Then I painted it myself with black metal roof paint; the job costed under $150 (student budget). The surface is not very smooth, but it's way better than the old look.

I've made some fixes to this model myself: I've replaced

  • timing belt
  • other belts
  • front wheel bearings
  • rear axle bushings (what a horrible, horrible job!)
  • brake lines and hoses
  • body parts
  • shock absorbers
  • tie rod end
  • axle shaft
  • + some small parts and done some welding

The look when I bought the car.

Former shape, after the accident.

Current shape. Photo taken in North Cape, Norway.

Audi 100 2.2E 1989

Bought for: 500 € in 2013 from Akaa, Finland
Sold for: 600 € in 2013 to Mynämäki, Finland

After Jetta I bought this for 500 €. A good-quality car: driving with this was a real pleasure. It had a sunroof, warmed seats and everything. If it wouldn't have drunk so much gasoline and the timing belt would've been changeable by myself, I would've kept it. In the end I had to sell it: it was just too expensive to keep.

Volkswagen Jetta 1.6D CL 1989

Bought for: 1000 € in 2010 from Tampere, Finland
Sold for: 1300 € in 2013 to Nousiainen, Finland

This was a beautiful car, a real grand old lady if you will. It was meticulously looked after, and the paint finish was still shihy in 2013 although the car had been painted over at some point of its life. This car took me to work for over two years, distance to my workplace being 75 kms in the summer and 92 kms in the winter, that's because in wintertime I had to use the main roads. Volkswagens are the best! I still miss the car a bit because we went so much through together! It consumed about 4 litres of diesel per 100 km; my best was 3.8 l/100 km.

Toyota Corolla 1.3 Xi 1991

Bought for: 500 € in 2010 from Sastamala, Finland
Sold for: 500 € in 2010 to Turku, Finland

When my Civic broke, I had to buy a car fast. Actually I managed to buy it on the same day for 500 €. This car was used in hunting trips, and the seller told me that a small deer revived there despite been shot. The car had blood all over when the deer had ran around inside the car.

A couple of months later I sold it to my brother when I bought the Jetta.

Honda Civic 1.5 GL 1985

Bought for: 450 € in 2010 from Tampere, Finland
Sold for: 150 € in 2012 to Pieksämäki, Finland

I found this car on a Finnish second hand car site and bought it for 450 €. It was my first own car. I managed to drive a couple of months with it until it broke: the camshaft broke in half when I was driving to work. I called a cab and paid 50 € for the trip: the most expensive trip to work in my whole life! After the incident me and my dad towed the car to my yard, and with this car I really started to learn how to fix cars. I bought a new camshaft, dismantled the head, the carburettor and other engine parts and put them in place, and the car ran nicely! It was a real moment of success. Unfortunately the car had really bad rust issues so I sold it.

Other vehicles

Jincheng JC50-Q8 Knight 50cc 2002

Bought for: 350 € in 2016 from Isokyrö
Sold for: -

Rough-looking custom styled motorbike (registered as a moped in Finland since it's 50cc) that I bought in 2016. Being a student, driving a car is somewhat expensive so when I can, I'll decommission the car from the traffic which saves some euros. This is amazing to drive.

Suzuki PV 50cc 1996

Bought for: 400 € in 2012 from Tuusula, Finland
Sold for: 800 € in 2013 to Pälkäne, Finland

I had a PV when I was a teenager so I decided to buy it again at a later age. It's a moped that was very popular in Finland from 1980s to around 2000. This time I bought it as a project: I fixed the thing and put it in very nice shape. The renovation costed me a lot more than what I got out of it when I sold it, but still it was a fun project!

Aprilia Amico 50cc 1995

Bought for: 200 € in 2006 from Kaarina, Finland
Sold for:-

I still own this. It's a nice scooter moped which I have used for small trips, and also I travelled to camp in Turku archipelago with it. It's now broken: the thing goes only around 15 km/h and doesn't have strength to climb hills. I don't know what's wrong with it: I've replaced almost all parts possible in the engine.

Suzuki PV 50cc 1986

Bought for: 200 € in 2003 from Viitasaari, Finland
Sold for:- (stolen)

My first own vehicle ever. This moped took me to school for a few years, after which it was stolen from the school's parking lot.