USB gamepad

After I had taken the controller out of the box and tried pushing the buttons to test their feedback and travel, I was slightly surprised. Instead of falling apart in my hands - like once in the case of a third party PlayStation 1 controller - it was of sturdy build quality. The push sensitivity and its travel was about the same as in PlayStation 1's gamepads. There were no creaks present, and the overall build quality was astonishing. The only con I could find at this point, was the cord's length - approximately 110 cm (~43 inches). I would need a USB extension wire before proceeding onto playing on the computer.

After the initial testings I plugged the controller with the extension wire into the computer, which had Ubuntu 7.10 Linux (32-bit) as the operating system. The computer began to tick when I had plugged the cable in. First I tried the controller in GFCE Ultra Nintendo Emulator. As I went through the button changing operation in the program, I noticed that it didn't collect all of the pressings. In spite of that I went to play, and there all of the tenderest pushes moved the character. I don't know exactly what went wrong in the button layout changing dialog, but anyhow the controller is working faultless!

When I tried other games, e.g. Xmoto (Elasto Mania clone) and Unreal Tournament: GOTY, the game's button changing dialogs didn't register any of the pressings. It felt like the controller had never been even plugged into the computer. It crossed my mind that now the SOB broke down, but as I tried the GFCE emulator again, the controller worked perfectly.

I didn't have a chance to perform the testing on Windows XP or other operating systems, but XP should have a better support for game controllers, so one would expect it to work better on that. Go ahead and find out - it only costs only 6,29 bucks, INCLUDING SHIPPING CHARGES! Less than a cheese and a ham in your grocery store.

The controller is designed to look like PlayStation 1's, and I think it's the best gamepad form factor out there. So over 12 years old invention is still in its strength. When you use the controller, you want to at least spit on your crumpy keyboard - after all this is way better alternative to play games.

- cheap
- good build quality
- works on Windows, Macintosh and Linux
- buttons are well-made

- too short cord
- didn't work with all games on Linux - might be the programs' fault


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