Producing the best possible video for Nokia 9210

By Jeffrey Cerasuolo

Take any movie, preferably a MPEG-4 file encoded with H.264/AAC as this is a widely supported standard (as of 2015)

Since most versions of Real Producer or Helix Producer will not understand modern fomats and are likely to not be very efficient in a multi-CPU environment or will run very slowly on legacy hardware (PowerPC G5, G4 or G3) we shall create an intermediate video file using modern tools. This file will be digitally enhanced and properly resized using a professional video edition tool to maximise the resulting quality. The aim of this intermediate file is to be as processed as possible so that the only thing RealProducer or Helix Producer has to do is transcode like for like into RP8 codec for video and RA8 for audio. 


To create this intermediate file, launch Apple Compressor 4 and use the following settings for a QuickTime export (mov) movie file:

Video properties:
  • Frame size: 160x120 (ideally set the width to 160 and the height will be automatic based on aspect ratio, 160x64 or 160x75 are usually choices but the exact size depends on the aspect ratio of the source)
  • Frame rate: 7.5fps
  • Quicktime Settings:
    • Compression type=Sorenson Video 2
    • Data Rate restricted to=347
    • key frames every=24 frames
    • Compressor quality=Medium
  • We will not crop the file, so leave cropping and padding empty.
  • Quality settings:
    • Resize filter: Better (Linear Filter) which is fast enough
    • Retiming quality: Fast (Nearest Frame) which is fine as any other approach is slower and does not really add better results
  • Add Video Effect: 
    • Select Brightness and Contrast and add +20 for Brightness and +10 for contrast. Sorenson Video 2 tends to produce slightly dark frames so we want to lighten them up a bit. also, the screen in the target device (Nokia 9210) is not the brightest due to the technology available at the time, so htis setting helps.

Audio Properties:

Due to the age of the Real Producer or Helix Producer, AAC is not a good option so we will use a very old encoder that is well supported by Real tools and does not produce any distortion artefacts and, crucially, does not become out of sync when transcoding with Real tools. Some other audio codecs tend to drift out of sync with the video as the movie progresses in the RealOne player of the target device.
  • Channel layout: Mono
  • Sample Rate: 8khz
  • QuickTime Settings: 
    • Qualcomm PureVoice
    • Quality=Best
    • PureVoice Eoncoder Settings: 13000bps
This results in highly compressed audio that is easy to transcode and does not sound too bad

Batch processing

Run the batch in Apple Compressor (remember to add 7 instances more if you have an 8 CPU machine) and the file will be ready in about 5 minutes. Resulting intermediate file will be around 350MB


Run in MacOS 9 (classic or native on a PowerPC G5, G4 or G3) RealProducer 8 or run Helix Producer 9 on a Windows XP machine/VM. Make sure QuickTime is installed on the selected machine as some of the codecs are provided by QT.

Create an audience template called Nokia 9210 or whatever you want with the following settings:
Constant bit rate=64kbps for video at source FPS or 8 or 7.5 if you can change this setting
Dont add any advanced options
Use Music codec at 11kbps RA8

Audio mode Music
Video Mode: Normal Motion Video
Video Codec: RealVideo 8

High quality resampler for audio
2-pass video encoding

Resulting file, for a 90 minute movie will be around 40MB

Compressor setting (drag to settings area to import)

Compressor Video setting:

QuickTime Setting:

Sorenson Video 2 setting:

Compressor audio setting:

QuickTime audio setting:

Helix Producer audience selection:

Helix Producer 9 audience setting: