Producing the best possible video for Nokia 9210

This guide gives you the instructions to produce the best video quality which is watchable on Nokia 9210.

At first you should download the programs VirtualDub (freeware) and Real Helix Producer 9 (not freeware). The version 8 or 8.5 might be good options too, if they have the video codec RealVideo G2 with SVT. You should also have the Real Player on your Nokia 9210.

  1. Install VirtualDub onto your computer.
  2. Install Real Helix Producer 9, 8 or 8.5.
  3. Download this Nokia9210.rpad file onto your computer and put it into the folder "C:\Program files\Real\Helix Producer Plus\audiences\" (if your install folder looks like this).
  4. Start VirtualDub and open the video you want to convert (File -> Open video file...).
  5. Download this Nokia9210.vcf file and save it onto your computer. Load it into VirtualDub (File -> Load processing settings).
  6. Save the video as AVI format (File -> Save as AVI)
  7. Close VirtualDub when the conversion has finished. Open the Real Helix Producer 9.
  8. Open the AVI file in Real Helix Producer (File -> Open input file...).
  9. Press the Audiences button.

  10. Delete all of the streams in the Audiences in job field by pressing the delete button.

  11. Siirrä Nokia9210-niminen tiedosto Templates-valikosta Audiences in job -valikkoon.

  12. Change the video codec in the Video codec field to RealVideo G2 with SVT and select the Video mode as Sharpest Image.

  13. Set the save folder for your video by clocking the .rm-ending file under the Destination field.
  14. Press the Encode button.
  15. Send the fresh .rm video into your Nokia 9210 and enjoy.

If you can't find the Real Helix Producer anywhere, below are the video setting you must use in the conversion.

I want to give all credits for these instructions to forum member Jeopardy, who taught me all this.