Kemiallinen merkki: Te
Järjestysluku: 52
Kategoria: puolimetallit
Ryhmä: 16
Jakso: 5
Lohko: p
Moolimassa: 127,60 g/mol
Elektronia kuorilla: 2, 8, 18, 18, 6
CAS-numero: 13494-80-9
Olomuoto: kiinteä
Tiheys: 6,24 kg/l (lähellä huoneenlämpöä)
Sulamispiste: 722,66 K (449,51 °C, 841,12 °F)
Kiehumispiste: 1261 K (988 °C, 1810 °F)
Kiderakenne: hexagonal
Hapetusluvut: 2, 4, 6
Elektronegatiivisuus: 2,1 (Pauling-asteikko)
Nimen alkuperä: Tellus
Nimen tarkoitus: the Latin name for Earth
- is a brittle silver-white metalloid which looks like tin
- is primarily used in alloys and as a semiconductor
- is extremely rare, one of the nine rarest metallic elements on Earth
- when added to stainless steel and copper it makes these metals more workable
- gives a greenish-blue flame when burned in normal air and forms tellurium dioxide as a result
- tellurium and tellurium compounds are considered to be mildly toxic and need to be handled with care, although acute poisoning is rare
- was used as a chemical bonder in the making of the outer shell of the first atom bomb