Kemiallinen merkki: Lr
Järjestysluku: 103
Kategoria: aktinoidit
Ryhmä: n/a
Jakso: 7
Lohko: f
Moolimassa: (262) g/mol
Elektronia kuorilla: 2, 8, 18, 32, 32, 8, 3
CAS-numero: 22537-19-5
Olomuoto: oletettavasti kiinteä
Tiheys: unknown
Sulamispiste: unknown
Kiehumispiste: unknown
Kiderakenne: unknown
Hapetusluvut: 3
Elektronegatiivisuus: unknown
Nimen alkuperä: Ernest O, Lawrence
Nimen tarkoitus: in honor of the inventor of the cyclotron
- is a radioactive synthetic element
- twelve isotopes of lawrencium have been synthesized with lawrencium-262 being the longest-lived and heaviest, with a half-life of 216 minutes
- was produced by bombarding a three milligram target composed of three isotopes of californium with boron-10 and boron-11 ions
- the appearance of this element is unknown, however it is most likely silvery-white or gray and metallic
- if sufficient amounts of lawrencium were produced, it would pose a radiation hazard
- its symbol was formerly known as Lw
- is a synthetic element and has no known uses