Kemiallinen merkki: Ce
Järjestysluku: 58
Kategoria: lantanoidit
Ryhmä: n/a
Jakso: 6
Lohko: f
Moolimassa: 140,116 g/mol
Elektronia kuorilla: 2, 8, 18, 19, 9, 2
CAS-numero: 7440-45-1
Olomuoto: kiinteä
Tiheys: 6,770 kg/l (lähellä huoneenlämpöä)
Sulamispiste: 1068 K (795 °C, 1463 °F)
Kiehumispiste: 3716 K (3443 °C, 6229 °F)
Kiderakenne: face-centered cubic
Hapetusluvut: 3, 4
Elektronegatiivisuus: 1,12 (Pauling-asteikko)
Nimen alkuperä: Ceres
Nimen tarkoitus: the name of a dwarf planet which was discovered two years earlier than the element
- is a silvery metal
- resembles iron in color and luster, but is soft, and both malleable and ductile
- has the longest liquid range of any non- radioactive element
- oxidizes very readily at room temperature, especially in moist air
- is likely to ignite if scratched
- is never found in nature as the free element
- is most often prepared via an ion exchange process that uses monazite sands as its cerium source
- is used in making aluminium alloys, in carbon- arc lighting, in alloys that are used to make permanent magnets